Monday, February 13, 2012

Jim Calhoun Taking Medical Leave Due to Spinal Issues

Although this blog is for scoliosis, there is a story I wanted to share about Jim Calhoun, men's basketball coach at UConn. Jim Calhoun's legacy is marred with controversy and questionable ethical practices. For this reason, he is definitely not one of my favorite coaches. However, no one can tell me that I don't feel for the guy. A three time cancer survivor, Jim Calhoun's next major battle is with Spinal Stenosis. After speaking with several orthopedic doctors and spinal specialists, I have a new found respect for him....medically. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spine at the base of the neck or lower back. It causes strain on the spinal nerves as well. From what I have read in the article on Jim Calhoun's medical leave from the team and what I have heard, he is in CONSIDERABLE pain. If any of you have ever had back pain, you can multiply that by 1000 and that may be close to what he is feeling right now. If a coach who hasn't missed more than 20 games in his lengthy career cannot even get out of bed, then spinal stenosis is no joking matter. Regardless of his legacy, and being mindful that this particular blog entry is about a spinal condition and not scoliosis, say a few positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. Any person going through something similar to scoliosis needs the support. See the full story here.
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  1. Spinal problems are painful. This situation has definitely brought attention to the disorder and its severity. Treatment can help alleviate the pain, but nothing can make it completely go away.